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Zep Inc.’s Odorless Liquid Bacterial Additive (LBA)

Zep Inc.’s Odorless Liquid Bacterial Additive (LBA) is an improved biological waste digester that keeps drains clear by biologically degrading grease, oil, cellulose, protein, and starch build-up residues found in drain lines and grease traps of restaurants, delis, grocery stores and other foodservice locations.  Its patented formula contains no harsh acids or caustics to damage drains or interfere with the natural bacterial action associated with septic tanks, ponds and lagoons.  The addition of a bacterial culture establishes bacterial colonies that remain in the system and reactivate each time waste is introduced.  Zep Odorless LBA is part of Zep’s GreenLink line of Environmentally Preferred Products.  It is available in 55-gallon drums, five-gallon pails and cases of four, one-gallon bottles.  For more information, visit or call 1-877-I-BUY-ZEP.

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